Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New ECPN Officers

ECPN was very fortunate to have so many strong candidates interested in a leadership role on the committee. We are pleased to announce the following new officers:


Molly Gleeson

San Diego, CA

Vice Chair

Eliza Spaulding

Philadelphia, PA

Outreach Co-Coordinator

Anisha Gupta

Champaign, IL

Outreach Co-Coordinator

Megan Salazar-Walsh

Buffalo, NY

Carrie Roberts will continue as Professional Education and Training Coordinator, Amber Kerr-Allison will continue as Professional Development and Training Coordinator through December, and Amy Brost will continue as Communications Coordinator.

Please join us in thanking outgoing Chair Rose Cull and outgoing Outreach Coordinator Heather Brown for all their hard work to help make ECPN what it is today.

The officers are looking forward to an exciting and productive year for ECPN. Please note that our monthly meeting time will be changing, so stay tuned for more information on the committee call schedule for the coming year.

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