Sunday, July 31, 2011

Philadelphia Area Conservation Association - Summer Update

PACA has been working hard this summer to develop our organization and plan events for the fall. We will be distributing PACA’s Bylaws and Officer Descriptions and a working calendar for the rest of 2011 shortly. In the meanwhile, for those of you who were unable to attend, please find Christie Romano’s summary of our event in May that featured Sam Anderson below. Photos of the event are also on our Flickr page:

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PACA Inaugural Event Summary, Christie Romano

On May 24th, 2011, the Philadelphia Area Conservation Association (PACA) held its first event at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. The evening’s guest speakers were Samuel Anderson and Eddie Gormley from Samuel Anderson Architects NYC whose talk was titled “Rules and Wisdom of Conservation Lab Design with Insights into Museum Expansion Projects.”

The architects discussed conservation lab renovations completed at the MOMA, the Morgan Library & Museum, Harvard University’s Library, the Allen Memorial Art Museum at Oberlin College, as well as projects within the Gardner Museum and the Barnes Foundation. Sam and Eddie shared insights into designing paper, paintings, objects, textiles, and analytical spaces for conservators by gathering information regarding conservators’ needs and challenges, visiting surrounding labs, working to create sustainability plans, and finally executing renovations based on the input received and institutional stipulations. A reception, sponsored by George Blood Audio & Video, followed in the Mosaic Gallery. The event was well-attended with almost 50 attendees coming from various local institutions and backgrounds. Many of the attendees shared ideas and enthusiasm for future meetings.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Conservation: Futures and Responsibilities" A new international conference for students and emerging conservators

16-17 September 2011

IIC is delighted to announce a new international conference for
students and emerging conservators. 'Conservation: Futures and
Responsibilities' will focus on the relationship between
conservation education and the actualities of conservation in
practice. Its aim will be to offer an international perspective and
to facilitate communication between students and emerging
conservators on the one hand and, on the other, professionals active
in the field of conservation in national institutions and museums as
well as in the private sector. The themes discussed will be
supported by visits to some of central London's conservation
studios, at both not-for-profit cultural institutions and
conservation businesses.

The presentations will be held in the form of collaborative Live Web
Broadcasts, in IIC's familiar Round Table format, which will allow
an international community of speakers and participants to join the
conference, either in person or on-line. Participants, including
those attending via the web, will be able to ask questions and join
in the debate.

IIC will be launching a new page with booking details very
shortly--keep an eye on

Graham Voce
Executive Secretary
International Institute for Conservation
of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC)
6 Buckingham Street
London WC2N 6BA
+44 20 7839 5975
Fax: +44 20 7976 1564

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Special Academics-only pilot of the workshop, "Your Life as an Independent [Whatever]."

90% discount. 20 July to 9 August 2011.
I am pleased to announce that Research and Writing now offers a revised version of the popular online workshop, "Your Life as an Independent [Whatever]." Starting 20 July we will be piloting a special academics-only version of the course.
We're looking for participants--recent PhDs, MAs or MFAs. You don't have to be planning to establish a studio or clinical practice or a consulting business. You should believe that your job or job search would benefit if you knew more about being an independent professional.
You can participate in this new version for academics only for $30 -- a 90% discount on the regular price.
Your Life. . . is a 3-week asynchronous workshop with additional opportunities for real-time meetings. Participants learn to describe their skills and expertise to strangers and identify potential clients or employers. We'll also discuss the basic work-life issues of time management and budgeting.
You'll find more information and link to a payment form at Use discount code 11023.
Or contact Research and Writing:

Monday, July 4, 2011

Here's your chance...

…to become more involved with the Emerging Conservation Professionals Network! For all of you emerging conservators hoping to connect with ECPN, here’s an easy way for you to help:

What you need to do: Like I said, it’s very simple; all you have to do is contribute your ideas for a potential blog post or webinar. Just click ‘comment’ below and type in a topic—general or specific—that would be useful to you. Commenting does not oblige you to author a blog post or organize a webinar, but if you are considering it, please mention that and we'll put your talents to good use.

Why contribute: This blog is meant to support all emerging conservators, from pre-program to graduate students, to beginning professionals—anyone with less than 7 years experience in the field of conservation. In order to ensure that everyone is being represented, we need to know what all of you would like to see.

How you benefit directly: Besides seeing more of the topics that interest you personally, you’ll also connect with other people in the group and begin building a network of colleagues. Also, each time you contribute a post or help with a project, you can add that to your resume. It’s a win-win!