Thursday, July 29, 2010

Saving the Stones Internship in Archaeological Conservation

Saving the Stones is a five month international training internship in historical and archeological conservation.
The internship will enable you to:

* Study ancient building technologies
* Work alongside leading Israeli conservation specialists and archaeologists
* Learn about renowned historical figures, nations, cultures and religious movements which have left their mark in Israel

Saving the Stones is a joint project of the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), the Old Acre Development Company and the Acre Municipality.
The program is sponsored by The Israel National Commission for UNESCO
The program is powered by MASA - Israel Journey.

After completing all the requirements you will receive an ICC certificate consisting of practical conservation training from the Israel Antiquities Authority and theoretical lessons.

See: for more information

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Research and Writing Offer

Only 9 days left to this offer. Contact us to reserve time for later.

From the Research and Writing website:

Once again, Research and Writing is pleased to offer presenters at the AIC annual meeting a 20% discount on editorial services.

This discount is meant encourage members of the conservation community to convert their presentation (slide talk, formal or informal lecture,
poster, or other) into print-based publishable form.

We can help you:
  • organize your presentation
  • convert slides and notes into a working draft
  • edit your paper for clarity and consistency
  • identify appropriate publication venues
  • ensure your paper conforms to specific author guidelines
  • locate images and copyrights

and complete many other research and writing related activities.

This offer is valid until 15 July 2010, but I will take reservations for work that may start after that date.

More information at or email Sarah at @

Research and Writing
P. O. Box 6611
New York NY 10128
212 860 2386

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Contract Assistant Conservator for The Preservation Society of Newport County

Contract Assistant Conservator
The Preservation Society of Newport County

The Preservation Society of Newport County seeks a conservator to work on a year-long conservation treatment project involving large 18th century Chinese lacquer panels now used as wall paneling in the historic house museum “The Elms” in Newport, RI, USA. The project will begin at a mutually agreed upon time and end one year later. It is a full-time position including benefits. A stipend of $33,000 will be awarded and housing provided. It is anticipated that there will be an opportunity to extend the contract. The one-year position is funded through the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Educational Requirements

Applicants must have a MS in Conservation plus three years of hands-on conservation experience, not including internships or a MS equivalent plus 5 years experience. Preference will be given to those who have experience in the traditional use of Asian lacquer (urushi) as well as western conservation methods. The applicant must have a good command of spoken and written English; be able to read and comprehend instructions, correspondence, and memos; and be able to compose and deliver formal communications. The applicant must be competent with computers: MS-Windows, e-mail/internet, word processing. Digital photography and image management are also important.

Position Description

The Assistant Conservator will work closely with other staff on this treatment project and work may include the supervision of interns or technicians. The project will include setting down lifted urushi, paint, and gilded surfaces. This will be followed by the removal of wax coatings, varnishes, and inappropriate repairs using solvents. Fills and compensation for decorative losses will be undertaken, with toning and coating as necessary. Experience working with other decorative surfaces, such as gilding and decorative paint, is essential, and experience working in an architectural context would be considered valuable. The ability to work on technical projects with one’s hands is a fundamental skill for the position and the work may be physically demanding at times, requiring personal agility.


The Assistant Conservator will be supervised by the Chief Conservator of The Preservation Society of Newport County, who is the Project Director of the overall initiative. The conservator will also be supervised by and work very closely with the specialist Project Conservator, who will work on the project part-time.

Please send a letter of interest to Jeff Moore, Chief Conservator, The Preservation Society of Newport County, 424 Bellevue Avenue, Newport, RI 02840 or by e-mail to . Candidates meeting the criteria will be requested to submit further credentials.