Saturday, September 10, 2011

Publishing Opportunities for Emerging Conservators: News In Conservation IIC Newsletter

The International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC) is a London-based membership organization with worldwide reach. IIC members come not only from the conservation community, but also from many other fields engaged in cultural heritage preservation.

IIC is particularly committed to emerging conservators. In fact, as a reminder, the organization is hosting the “Student and Emerging Conservator Conference – Conservation: Futures and Responsibilities” on September 16-17 in London. Presentations can be viewed as live web broadcasts, so if you can’t make it to London, you can still see the sessions via streaming video. (Visit the website ( or see the 7/14/11 announcement on this blog for details.)

As an extension of its support for emerging conservators, IIC welcomes their contributions to its newsletter, News in Conservation, which is published six times per year. Just this month, the newsletter completed an exciting transformation to an all-digital format, which will soon present new opportunities for authors to include live links and other web-enabled features in their articles. The new editor, Barbara Borghese, would especially encourage emerging conservators to submit articles ranging from news features and longer articles to shorter items for “News in Brief.” One suggested topic would be to report on internships and fellowships, with descriptions of the treatments and projects carried out at the host institutions. Another topic of interest would be reports from emerging conservators who have attended courses, workshops or seminars, particularly local or less-publicized ones.

The next deadline for submission of long features is November 1st for the December issue. Anything else such as news articles, news in brief, reports etc. can be submitted up until two weeks prior to publication. If you have an idea for a submission to News in Conservation but you have questions or would like some advice, you can contact Barbara at news [at] iiconservation [dot] org, or start by visiting the web page for the newsletter, where you can download the “Guidelines for Authors” PDF.

At a future date, IIC may have a need for contributors to its blog, but not at the present time. In the coming months, IIC plans to enhance its blog, as well as its presence on Facebook and Twitter, so keep an eye out for those developments. In the meantime, visit the website, which has a “Students” section, and consider becoming a Student member for around $30 US (for full-time conservation students). If you are not a conservation student, anyone can become an Individual member for around $90 US. The subscription year just started; it runs from July 1, 2011 to July 1, 2012. It would be great for each of us to get involved with IIC at a time when the group is doing so much to reach out to our community of emerging conservators.

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