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June Meeting Minutes

June meeting minutes were approved on the 9/13/11 call.

ECPN conference call Agenda June 16, 2011 1PM EST

Call 1- 866-225-4944. ID: 9992396916

Stephanie Lussier

Emily Williams

Carrie Roberts

Heather Brown

Rose Cull

Ryan Winfield

Annual meeting recap

Informational Meeting – next year it would be helpful to have a bigger room, more introductory information about the ECPN and what it is, a packet including an agenda, previous meetings minutes, and the flier about ECPN which can be distributed to all attendees at the informational meeting to give more information about the group.

Happy Hour – It was really successful and we thought it was good to keep it casual next year. Rose estimated around 40 people attended the happy hour, and it included emerging conservators who had a chance to network amongst themselves and established conservators who were interested or looking for interns.

Portfolio Session – next year a bigger room and an additional table would make the session more comfortable. Perhaps in a thoroughfare would encourage more dropping by and make the session more casual. There was some concern expressed that this portfolio session could mis-represent the requirements to be accepted into a particular graduate program. Carrie and Amber will approach their contacts at the graduate programs, give them a summary of how successful the portfolio session was, thank them for their participation and the participation of their students, and in a conversational way discuss the future of this project or a similar project at the 2012 meeting. Please CC Rose on this conversation.

Angels Project – Angels 2011 had a good turn out and Rose has written up a summary on the AIC blog. For Angels 2012 Rose was hoping there could be a public art project similar to the work Richard McCoy is doing on Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:WikiProject_Public_art) Stephanie will follow-up with the AIC board and Ruth Seyler and see if an ABQ saving public art project for Angels 2012 would work.

The Education and Training meeting about student research was well-attended and productive, representatives from: Buffalo, UCLA/Getty, Delaware, Jerry Podany, talked about the model the database should take, whether on CoOL or on university websites, abstracting student work and putting those on AATA would be a huge benefit. A url link to the .pdf of the student work could go on AATA. ECPN will contact the graduate programs about what types of research their students produce, since the students carry out different types of projects, there are certain types of projects produced by different programs. Students could abstract their work, but the full text may be owned by the university.

The ETC general meeting welcomed Emily Williams as the new chair of ETC.

A survey will be going out in the next few days to those who signed up at the ECPN informational meeting. There were many interested inquiries and it is hoped the survey will better direct the ECPN to interested individuals who would like to stay involved.

The Mentoring Program is still looking for more mentor applications, Rose will mail an application to David Bayne and Lynn Grant, and encourage others who expressed interest to become PA’s. Ryan is sending an e-mail blast to PA s and Fellows next week. In the future, ECPN could ask to have names submitted for mentors and then contact those directly. Rose is following up with Stephanie about the mentoring program.

PA Status

The ECPN is promoting the attainment of PA status, and there has been discussion about how to best go about promoting this. A few conversations at the annual meeting reminded member of ECPN about the differences in what is required to be a PA and what conservators believe is required. It was interesting to note that most applicants for PA status include more information than they need to and do not specifically answer some of the ethical questions that are posed as part of the application. The ECPN will partner with the North American graduate programs to encourage the attainment of PA status for students with 3+ years of experience.

Call for new committee members

(Chair, Vice-Chair, Outreach) please direct those interested to Rose Cull

ECPN Archives

Time to organize the archives for the ECPN, this will include minutes from all meetings, all publication materials, and additional materials – individual committee members will send Ryan the digital files and he will save them to the server. Amy and Heather will send Ryan copies of the minutes, Amber and Carrie will send Ryan copies of proposal they wrote for the student research repository and relevant communication with graduate programs about the portfolio session, Rose will send her application for a discussion at AAM, and any other relevant information you would like included in the archive should be sent.

Suggestions from annual meeting – involve more students in programs like the East Carolina Maritime studies program - http://www.ecu.edu/cs-cas/maritime/ Stephanie suggested contacting her classmate Emily O’Brien about working as a conservator with archaeologists. Emily Williams is interested in ECPN having more outreach in archaeological conservation, especially international to include: UCL, Cardiff, and Durham in the UK. Emily is following up with an intern in her lab who is currently a student in the Cardiff program. ICCROM has a search function to find graduate programs by country which could also be useful in making contacts (http://www.iccrom.org/db_train.php) Actually having a project these students could contribute to would be necessary to build this relationship.

We were very happy with using social media to get the word out about events at the AIC annual meeting. Next year the AIC twitter would be available to post more updates about ECPN events.


Amy submitted communications updates by e-mail:

I collected a number of names of people who could write blog content. I will follow up and facilitate the development of posts on:

1. Conservation education programs in other countries;

2. Voices of people in the conservation field who did not go the route of an art conservation graduate program for their training

I will write the following posts:

1. Complete the book reviews post;

2. Conservator oral history project spearheaded by Joyce Hill-Stoner;

3. Overview of programs by Heritage Preservation, based on their annual meeting, which I attended during AIC

On our next call I can provide an update on the Publications and Wiki meetings I attended during AIC. Progress on both is slow but steady.

Respectfully Submitted,

Rose Cull

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