Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ECPN on Facebook

Recently, the ECPN has expanded their social media network to include a Facebook group. In the survey sent out by AIC asking what members wanted from the ECPN; the vast majority stated that the original Ning site was outdated and they would prefer a Facebook page. Ask and you shall receive.. Emerging Conservation Professionals Network.

The group page is open to anyone who would like to join and there are currently 83 members. The page is also open to allow anyone that wishes to post to the wall, start discussions, post events, and pictures.

The hope is that the Facebook group will give AIC and ECPN members, prospective members, and those just interested in conservation a place to openly and informally chat about events, programs, projects, etc. This is the place to through out questions like; "Does anyone want to share a hotel room at AIC?" or "Who has gone through the graduate program at X and did you have professor X?".

Remember this is your social media so it only works if you use it. So invite your classmates and friends and start connecting.

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