Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Conservation Internship The Chinati Foundation

Conservation internship
The Chinati Foundation
Marfa, Texas

The Chinati Foundation is a
contemporary art museum based upon the ideas of its founder, Donald
Judd. The specific intention of Chinati is to preserve and present
to the public permanent large-scale installations by a limited
number of artists. The emphasis is on works in which art and the
surrounding landscape are inextricably linked. The Chinati
Foundation offers a conservation internship starting July or August,
2010. The intern will work under the supervision of the conservator.
Conservation intern responsibilities include: assisting the
conservator with routine maintenance of the collection, condition
assessments, environmental monitoring, art installation, research
and treatment of objects, report writing and photography. The intern
will gather insight into a wide variety of materials and conditions.

Conservation internships typically last from 3 months to a year. A
minimum of 1 year experience in a conservation studio or the current
enrollment in a Conservation Training Program is preferred.

As compensation, the Museum offers interns a modest stipend of $ 100
per week and a furnished apartment on the Chinati grounds. To apply
for these or later dates please send your statement of interest,
resume, one letter of recommendation and your dates available for
the internship directly to:

Bettina Landgrebe
The Chinati Foundation
1 Cavalry Row
PO Box 1135
Marfa, TX 79843
landgrebe [at] chinati__org

Phone: 432 729 4742
Fax: 432 729 4597

~ On a personal note: I was an intern at the Chinati Foundation in 2004 and I absolutely loved working there, I know the stipend doesn't seem like much but you really don't spend a lot of money, since housing and furnishing is completely covered I was really comfortable there. I would highly recommend going, especially as you really understand Judd's vision when you have some time to be there and think about his sculptures.

Please contact me if you have any concerns about living in West Texas ~ Rose Daly.

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