Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Minutes for ECPN Conference Call 6/18/09

Minutes for ECPN Conference Call 6/18/09
Attendees: Rachel Penniman, Ruth Seyler, and Ryan Winfield
Minutes taken by Rachel Pennimen

I. Welcome

II. Project Updates
A. Communications:Podcasts
Rachel will check with Jason on potential podcasts

B. Outreach: Angels Project in Milwaukee
Ruth will look into getting information on CAP assessment programs from Heritage Preservation. The next step will be to arrange a conference call with conservators who have knowledge of the institutions in that city and could help us in selecting a potential site.
In order to “compete” with other workshops/activities on that day of the Annual Meeting, we should have information about the Angels project in the registration brochure. The deadline to have this information included is the end of October/early November.

C. Professional Development/Training:
1. Training Advisory Group
Amber was unable to attend the call but is making contacts for this.

2. Pre-program “camp”: Judy Walsh’s idea for a workshop geared towards pre-program students
Discussed how this could be done so it was useful but still affordable. Concern that it might be too expensive for pre-programs to travel. Will talk to Eric to see if we can get funding like the other AIC workshops. Could potentially do a webinar so no travel costs.
Could possibly have graduate programs or conservators in private practice refer pre-program students or interns who contact them to the workshop.
What kind of info would be presented and who would be the audience?

There are some building blocks we need to develop before we can get a whole workshop up and running. Advertising to pre-programs and people interested in conservation (Ryan has an idea to make a flyer for undergrad studio art and art history departments). Survey who is taking interns and how that develops, what their needs are. Etc.

The pre-program workshop is a great idea and one we want to pursue, but aren’t yet in a position to get that started. But we’re definitely on a track to develop it in the future.

3. Mentoring Program
Ryan will send an email blast to get more applicants (mentors and mentees.)
We’d like to start pairing up the applicants we already have. By next month’s conference call we should try to review the applications and make preliminary matches.

III. New Business/Open Discussion
Ryan suggested the possibility of adding a feature in the “Find a Conservator” where PA’s and Fellows can note that they accept apprentices or pre-program interns. So you could find a potential internship by searching in the “Find a Conservator.”

IV. Setting of next call and adjournment
Next call will be Thursday July 16th at 1pm Eastern time.

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