Monday, March 28, 2011

Survey on Use of Social Web for Heritage Advocates

In late 2009, the Voices of the Past website first surveyed heritage advocates about how they used the social web. Since then, the number of people connecting around heritage issues online seems to have grown quite a bit. Can we now definitively say that new media engagement is measurably effective in heritage advocacy, research and networking with peers?
You can help us find out by answering just 12 questions in the 2011 version of the survey. The results of this anonymous questionnaire will be shared with the heritage community worldwide and hopefully inform our common goal to create a sustainable future for heritage resources, and the folks who work to protect them. Please help improve the results by forwarding, tweeting, blogging and listserving the link to your colleagues as well.
Find the survey at

Thank you ECPN for helping with this survey. Once compiled the results will be posted.

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