Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Library Conservation Assistant at Columbia University

Position at Columbia

Conservation Assistant
Conservation Department
Columbia University Libraries

Position ID # 059246
(Technical Assistant VI)
Salary Grade: $652.21/week

This is a full-time union position with comprehensive benefits and
20 days paid vacation.

Duties: This position is split between rare and special collections
(80%) and general collections (20%). Under the direction of the Head
Conservator and the Special Collections Conservator, the
Conservation Assistant will perform basic paper conservation
procedures such as surface cleaning, washing, re-sizing and mending,
on materials from the Libraries' rare and special collections.
Duties will also involve creating protective housings for single
items and for collections, as well as cutting mats and making
cradles for exhibits. Will assist with environmental monitoring,
supply inventory, disaster response and treatment documentation.
Will also perform conservation repairs on selected general
collections materials, including sewing pamphlets, reattaching
boards, encapsulating maps and documents, repairing torn pages and
making protective enclosures. Depending on skill and aptitude may
also perform more complex binding repairs. Other duties as assigned.

Applicants are encouraged to provide a portfolio or examples of
previous conservation work. In the absence of a portfolio, the
applicant will be asked to demonstrate competence with certain
skills and techniques.

Requirements: Minimum one year full-time experience in conservation
of rare or valuable books and paper artifacts, in a library/archives
setting or in a private conservation studio, including experience
with protective housings and exhibit preparation. Applicants should
have well-developed treatment skills, experience with complex
binding and repair procedures, and be aware of current conservation
philosophy and ethics. Must be highly organized and flexible; good
communications and interpersonal skills essential. Must be willing
to work on a wide range of materials, performing detailed and
occasionally repetitive tasks. Requires operation of specialized
equipment (e.g. ultrasonic welder, fume hood, guillotine cutter) and
use of various chemicals under controlled conditions. Applicants
should be able to work standing up for extended periods of time,
lift moderately heavy objects, and to work with dusty library
materials. Must be able to pass medical exam for use of half-face
respirator. BA/BS preferred. Basic word processing, spreadsheet and
database skills will be helpful.

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Those
received before August 31, 2010 will receive priority consideration.

Interested applicants must apply via:

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