Monday, August 25, 2008

Ways to Connect

After a survey and initial meeting, we are off to a great start. Several people have indicated an interest in getting this group off the ground, and here are some of the things in three key areas that we will be doing over the coming months:

Career Development

1. Begin listing internship/pre-program training opportunities on the new website. Lead: Ryan Winfield (so far)
2. Send out more detailed surveys about the state of the field of conservation. Lead: Daniel Cull
3. Establish a Mentoring Program. Leads: Anne Simon and Angela Elliot


1. Begin organizing networking happy hours. Lead: Brooke Young
2. Create more opportunities for virtual networking. Leads: Nicky Emery and Jason Church
3. Host a business meeting and separate reception at the 2009 Annual Meeting. Leads: Laura Brill and Nicky Emery


1. Update and use the AIC outreach lecture (perhaps create a podcast). Leads: Steven Pickman and Chris Waters
2. Update AIC’s Conservation Training in US brochure/information – need more volunteers!

Consider becoming involved in one of the above initiatives. For more information on how to get involved, either contact the leads listed above directly by looking them up in your AIC Directory or contact Ryan Winfield at the AIC office. Also, you can just drop in on one of our conference calls sometime. See below.

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