Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ECPN Minutes 5-22-09 (from AIC Annual Meeting)

Emerging Conservation Professionals Network
Committee Meeting Minutes

I. Welcome

II. Message from Jerry Podany about advocating for the reestablishment of the Textile Conservation Centre at the University of Southampton, UK

III. Annual Meeting

A. Should we have a booth at next year’s Annual Meeting
B. Need a separate bulletin board for Internships, Jobs, Fellowships.
C. Architecture Specialty Group is going to give AIC dues scholarships for students – maybe ask other specialty groups to follow their example?
D. Meeting everybody for the dinner on the first night was a good thing; keep it as early as possible, informal, and relaxed

IV. Charge
A. AIC Board needs to do minor edits.
B. Karen Pavelka will do these and send to Ryan Winfield, membership coordinator for publishing on the website, blog, etc...

V. Goals

A. Communications
1. Listserv – reminder that it is for the committee itself
2. Ning—serve as a repository for meeting notes, career opportunities
3. Email Blasts
a. Katie Mullen can provide content
b. Ryan Winfield will insert it into an email blast template and send out monthly a week before the conference call.
4. Conference call - Ryan Winfield to place phone # on website

B. Outreach
1. Blog
a. Need to include other conservator’s blogs
b. Need an interactive calendar to schedule posts
c. Encourage people to create websites as portfolios of their work
2. Angels Project
a. Jason Church is taking over as lead on this, and he needs help finding a site:
1. Check out Tony Rajer’s book about museums in WI.
2. Anne Simon is from Milwaukee.
3. Check out CAP Assessment Program
4. Check out past vendors who provided materials
5. Joanna Dunn has been active in WCG’s Angles Project/Meg Craft has been involved with the CAP
3. Podcasts
a. Create our own.
b. Until then, promote current podcast resources at the Lunder and other museums
c. Check out University of Delaware website for their podcasts about conservation/conservators

C. Professional Development/Training
1. Mentoring Program
a. Use regional groups to promote program
b. Set a deadline for applications at some point
c. Review first by preferences, then by specializations and short answer
d. Need a period of evaluation after a year, a review of gaps
e. Decided to usse the word “mentoring” instead of “mentorship” when describing the program
f. Look into the FAIC Oral History project
1. For more information on conservation leaders (possible mentors)
2. Have potential mentees interview “seasoned” conservation professionals might lead to mentorship opportunities for themselves.
g. Mentees should make sure they are on the Ning site with their CV and contact info, so mentors can check them our beforehand.
2. Training Advisory Group
a. Amber Kerr Allison is assembling a group of contacts from Katie’s list, current training program list, etc...
b. Use group to compile advice on intern sites
c. Need to look at not just ANAGPIC schools but also the architectural conservation programs as well.

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