Thursday, April 30, 2009

Minutes of 4-16-09 ECPN Conference Call

4/16/09 ECPN Conference Call
Ruth Seyler
Jason Church
Ryan Winfield
Katie Mullen
Rachel Penniman
Karen Pavelka

I - Welcome
Welcome All!!

Minutes will henceforth go to leadership group soon after the call, who will then have a week to comment. Once comments are complied, leadership group will approve over the listserve. Then it will be posted to the blog and email list.

II - Charge
Charge, as sent on 3/30/09 by Ruth, will be sent to AIC board via Karen Pavelka, who will update ECPN on its status.

III - Project Updates

A draft of ECPN goals for the year will be drawn up by Ryan as based on following discussions about project updates.

• Communications –

Review of 3/23/09 email about breakdown of communication media given. This will be the working model for communications.

- Blog –In addition to posting training opportunities, Jason will compile a list of people who will commit to making several blog posts. Karen suggests that we figure out who our target audience is and Ryan suggests that shorter announcements can count as a post, that not everything needs not be an article, as it were. There is an application on the blog to track the number of hits an entry gets. RM’s post about TYVEK is the one we’ve gotten the most hits on – it was sent out to the manufacturers. JC says he can tag entries and link tot them in other places to draw hits.

JC will set up facebook page for ECPN to funnel people over to NING. Karen suggests linkedin as a more professional outlet, as well. Jason and Katie will investigate and report at next call.

• Outreach

Blog has been discussed.

Angels project – Outreach component is to find site for Milwaukee that local conservators can work with a little before and after, as well as the Angels on the day of.

Ruth indicates that a long term outreach goal would be to find ways to interact w/ AAM emerging leaders group going forward. Jason will begin looking at webpage and see what ways their might be for interaction. (In general, working with other emerging professional groups is a goal for outreach).

(Karen P leaves. She will send charge to board and get back to us.)

• Professional Development/Training

Amber Kerr-Allison is not present, but has sent report to Ryan.
Goals are working w/ programs to develop contacts, volunteer and internship opportunities and publicizing the same.

Developing mentoring program – the forms will stand. Erin will write up description of program and then the form and intro will be sent to PA and Fellow membership of AIC by Ryan.

Rachel is going to ANAGPIC. On April 24th she will make short presentation on ECPN, its goals and projects then stay for the day to talk to people about the group. If we have ideas for what should be presented, get them to RP before the 24th. Ryan will put together a handout for Rachel to distribute that has info about Ning, etc. Ruth suggests that we follow up w/ an email to ANAGPIC attendees. Rachel will ask Elizabeth Pena if she will share mailing list. ECPN will cover RP’s expense to Buffalo, since AIC workshop is off.

(JC leaves)

IV - 2009 Annual Meeting Events Updates

Planned Events – informal dinner offsite Tuesday evening.

Tote Bag Flyer – in progress

Issues Session – 5 minutes to introduce group and highlight mentoring program, dry run will be ANAGPIC.

Blogging –effort continues to get volunteer bloggers so as to kick off blog at the meeting. RW will send out email to group asking for volunteers and say what we’re looking for, which is more than reports on talks. Pictures are good!! Blog about tours, workshops, fun things going on at the meeting. Highlight LA sites on the blog, like LACMA, Getty.

Business meeting Friday afternoon.

Poster – Info still being gathered from the leads. It’s getting down to putting poster together when that is done. Posters are to be set up on the 19th in L.A. Needs to be completed at least two weeks prior.

(Ruth Leaves)

V - New Business/ Open Discussion

No new business.

VI - Setting of next call and adjournment

There will be business meeting on May 22nd. Those not present can call into the conference as usual, and Ryan will put us on speakerphone on his cell.

Meeting adjourns at 2PM.

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