Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ECPN at the AIC Annual Meeting

Emerging conservators planning to attend the AIC Annual Meeting in LA this year should be on the lookout for the following ECPN activities. We hope to see you there!

Tuesday the 19th
7:00- informal dinner We are planning to have a dinner at the foodcourt of the upscale Century City mall next door. It's no ordinary food court- they call it a dining terrace- with a view of the city, and actual plates. The upside to meeting at the food court is that we don't need reservations, we don't have all have to agree on a type of food, it is walking distance from the hotel, it should be less expensive than a restaurant and people can come and go as they please. We will meet up in the hotel lobby to walk over to the food court together but feel free to wander over when you can. The 'dining terrace' closes at 9:30, so people can go for drinks at the fancy hotel bar, at a restaurant in the mall, or somewhere fantastically wonderful, after dinner.

Thursday the 21st
12- 2 Issues Session- Go to the Issues Session! There is usually really good information, and you should be aware of what is going on. ECPN will be making a statement to the board about the group, and the more newbie conservation whatevers in attendance, the better. The Green Task Force will give an update on what they have accomplished this year, and where they are headed. This is also the place for bringing up issues on social media and conservation, or whatever Conservation 2.0 might mean to you.

3:30-4 Poster Session- Author in Attendance The ECPN will be presenting a poster in the general poster session introducing the group to the AIC community. Representatives from the group will be author-in-attendance session which is during the last refreshment break on Thursday. We may attempt to find volunteers to stand with the poster during other refreshment breaks. The poster will be up from 8ish am on Wednesday to 4 pm on Thursday.

4-530 AIC Business Meeting Very few new conservators seem to go to the business meetings, but it is the place where important things happen.

Friday the 21st
3:30-4ECPN Meeting We have scheduled the official meeting of the ECPN for the last refreshment break on Friday. Yeah, the time isn't great- many people may be leaving the conference early, we will all be tired, and 30 minutes is not very much time. However, the time does not conflict with anything else going on, it is not at 7 am (our other non-conflicting time), and we get free muffins and coffee. I hope that people will be talking throughout the whole annual meeting so that on Friday, we will be able to get down to business quickly. A loose agenda for the meeting will be made available before we arrive in L.A.- or at least before Friday. For those who can't attend the annual meeting, we may try to work something out so you can be involved, too. If you have ideas about how best to do that, whether through some kind of webinar or conference call, let us know.

Throughout the Annual Meeting
Paul Messier, Director of Communications on the AIC board, has asked for volunteers to actively blog during the Annual Meeting. Anyone who is interested is welcome to blog.

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