Friday, May 20, 2011

April Meeting Minutes

ECPN meeting minutes – April 21, 2011, 1 PM EST

Call Participants:

Karen Pavelka

Amber Kerr-Allison

Ryan Winfield

Ruth Seyler

Amy Brost

Heather Brown

Rose Cull

Carrie Roberts


* Poster - Amy is sending out a final version, if a committee member does not send back comments or changes after 3 days it means the content and layout are approved.

* Amber and Amy will coordinate having the poster printed, brought to the conference installed, and removed from the exhibition space. Rose will be present for the ‘author’ coffee break on June 2, 3-3:30PM. Other committee members are invited to stand with the poster during this time or at other breaks throughout the AIC meeting. The poster will be taken down on Friday, June 3rd by an ECPN member.

* Flier – Ryan, will have it printed and included in the bag for AIC.

* Amy Brost will attend the publications committee, face to face meeting. They are currently investigating Basecamp as a repository for documents, which may be a future archive for ECPN information. Ryan mentioned that he has a folder on a server in the AIC office for ECPN information. Committee members should send Ryan a CD of information if they would like it backed up on the server. Committee members are recommended to write up a few bullet points about their position and transitioning their position and give this information to Ryan.

* Article in WAAC newsletter – We are currently looking for anyone out West who would be willing to talk about their experience in ECPN – to create some new content for the newsletter article. Rose and Ryan may have a few options of who this could be. This article will be pitched for the September WAAC newsletter.

Education and Training

* Mentoring program: Rose, Carrie, Amber, Karen are contacting specialty groups, and Ryan is sending out an e-mail blast in early May. It is hoped to have all matches before the AIC 2011 meeting so mentees and mentors can meet face to face at the meeting.

* ETC business meeting will be Thursday June 2nd at noon during AIC annual meeting – Amber and Carrie is willing to sit in on that meeting. Amber is contacting Stephanie Lussier about the possibility of attending that meeting. Rose has contacted Rebecca Rushfield about a representative from the ETC attending the ECPN meeting on May 31st.

* Student research database meeting has set a time, has representatives, and Amber and Carrie will provide a summary of the project. This meeting is introducing the project to the graduate programs. Amber and Carrie are drafting a proposal and summary along with input from RaTS and the ETC. A final proposal will be ready for review during the AIC annual meeting.

* Portfolio session: still no representatives from Buffalo, Rose will contact Buffalo students who are receiving Stout funding – to look for a representative, and cc Amber as the contact. There is a room designated for the portfolio session, we will know in a few weeks. Representatives will be informed by Amber via e-mail one week prior. Amber is contacting Heather to make this into a facebook event.

* Rebecca Rushfield has joined the ECPN as the ETC liason, she was unavailable for this conference call, but will be present in the future. Here contact e-mail is The ETC welcomes Genevieve Bienosek as their new student member and Rose has suggested that either Rebecca or Genevieve, or both are invited to the ECPN business meeting at AIC 2011.

AIC 2011 meeting

* Angels Project: ECPN committee members should still volunteer by contacting Ruth via e-mail and include their C.V., there is a good number of volunteers, mix of conservators, graduate students, pre-program conservators, etc.

* A Survey will be created to discuss all ECPN activities at the AIC 2011 meeting, a sign in book or sign in sheet will be at the Informational meeting, portfolio session, in front of the poster, at the Angels project, and at the happy hour to get a list of e-mails that can be contacted with the survey. Rose will carry a notebook, Amber will keep a notebook of the portfolio session, other committee members are encouraged to keep a notebook with them as well. Rose and Ryan will draft a few questions about the survey for the next call.

* Two weeks before the meeting Ryan will send out an e-mail blast about the ECPN events at AIC 2011. Heather is organizing the Facebook events. Amber will contact Heather about the portfolio session.


* Ryan mentioned that it went well, he met students, there is more awareness. Rose is going to follow up with Erin Anderson about whether the ECPN flier made it into the bags.


* Looking for people to write blog posts about AIC 2011, Rose is going to send Heather Rachael Perkins Arenstein’s contact info. Carrie has volunteered to draft a blog post that will be posted during the week of AIC. Other blog authors will also be solicited, perhaps in a blog post soon. Stephanie gave a contact about an American working in Canada. Ryan and Rose may have a contact for an American working in Canada.


* Rose is drafting a blog post about advocacy and how emerging conservators can get involved.

Respectfully submitted,

Rose Cull

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