Wednesday, February 16, 2011

10 Tips for Becoming a Conservator

Tip #9: Become [more] involved with the Emerging Conservation Professionals Network

Reading this blog is a wonderful way to learn about conservation and, specifically, about the ECPN, but why not engage just a bit more? In tip #2, I suggested that you join professional associations; becoming involved with ECPN is a way to take that one step further, and get even more out of your membership with AIC. For someone who is just beginning a career in conservation, the ECPN offers incredible opportunities to contribute and absorb as much as you like!

The ECPN is a network for those just entering or thinking about entering the field of conservation, helping you make the transition from pre-program student, to student, to conservation professional. The group was created by emerging conservators in 2008, and has promoted the following initiatives (among others) for you to take advantage of:

1. The blog - for articles, events and job announcements; posting is open to all AIC members.

2. Facebook - a place to organize the group, send out updates and begin conversations.

3. Mentoring Program - a way to connect emerging conservators with a Professional Associate or Fellow of AIC who can offer conservation-related advice.

4. Events at the AIC annual meeting- the ECPN business meeting, happy hour, and the Angels Project (more details to come).

If there are any other blog posts or projects that you think would be helpful to you and other emerging conservators, please sit in on a conference call or contact one of the committee members with your suggestions!

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