Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Research and Writing Offer

Only 9 days left to this offer. Contact us to reserve time for later.

From the Research and Writing website:

Once again, Research and Writing is pleased to offer presenters at the AIC annual meeting a 20% discount on editorial services.

This discount is meant encourage members of the conservation community to convert their presentation (slide talk, formal or informal lecture,
poster, or other) into print-based publishable form.

We can help you:
  • organize your presentation
  • convert slides and notes into a working draft
  • edit your paper for clarity and consistency
  • identify appropriate publication venues
  • ensure your paper conforms to specific author guidelines
  • locate images and copyrights

and complete many other research and writing related activities.

This offer is valid until 15 July 2010, but I will take reservations for work that may start after that date.

More information at http://bit.ly/AIC_disc_10 or email Sarah at researchandwriting.nyc @ gmail.com

Research and Writing
P. O. Box 6611
New York NY 10128
212 860 2386

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Research and Writing said...

Next project:
Registration is open for the 2010-11 Online meeting series. See http://bit.ly/OBMS_1011 for details. Note especially: the meeting on 15 September, "Transitions: from Institutional Work to Private Practice" with James Swope as the Guest Expert.

Also ... If I can find at least 5 people interested in a session of the abstract writing workshop before the AIC annual meeting deadline (20 Sept) I'll schedule one. Contact me directly (sarah [@] researchandwriting.net)