Monday, April 26, 2010


Rose Daly, the co-chair of the ECPN, spoke recently at the 2010 ANAGPIC conference about the importance of the network. Here is a summary of what she said, "Think of the ECPN as a party you have been invited to join. As good party hosts we provide a location, invite guests, and offers party games. These games include: an emerging conservator blog where you can post your research to an international audience and seek feedback. You can also post casually about your ideas and inspirations, and the blog is also a source for information about internships and post-graduate funding.

Other party games include a Flickr site where you can post or download pictures. We have a Facebook page, and we just started a Twitter ID that will be updated from the 2010 AIC Annual Meeting in Milwaukee.

The ECPN will have opportunities for you to meet conservators offline at the upcoming AIC Annual Meeting. On Tuesday, May 11th there will be a business meeting from 4-6 PM in the Crystal Ballroom followed by a happy hour from 6 PM to 8PM at Buck Bradley’s in downtown Milwaukee. The ECPN is coordinating the Angels Project on Saturday after the meeting, which will be at the Milwaukee Historical Society, the project is a survey of it’s photographic collection. Angels Project are great to meet other conservators and give back to the community.

We would really love it if you joined our party, and I hope as good party guests you might bring a gift – like a blog post about your research, some photos for the flickr site, a wall post on the facebook page, or your time for an Angels Project.
We hope you enjoy the party, meet people, make friends, get involved on a project, and continue to build our network of professional contacts."

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