Thursday, May 21, 2009

after the issues... some random thoughts...

The issues session just wrapped up. Rachel, Jason, Audra and Laura are hanging out, talking about what happened, talking about what needs to happen, talking about outreach and how awesome some of the comments were.

And of course, Rachel did a great job announcing the ECPN- in fact there was applause when she was done! The mentor applications flew- now we just need some mentees. CIPP also offered ECPN members the student rate for one year!

Tweeters and Bloggers who stood up and commented:

If you haven't been checking twitter- you should. Search #aic20 You don't even have to have a twitter account!

Ellen Carlee of blogging fame also got up and made several great comments- including one about the AIC budget and whether it could be available to the general membership. There was a little hesitation from the AIC to say- okay we will post everything tomorrow, but it the idea of transparency, which was reinforced by Richard's comment about "pulling back the curtain" seemed to really resonate with more than just emerging conservators.

Did you go to the issues session, or was there something you wish you could have said?
Time for the business meeting!



Amber said...

Thanks for the update Laura - ECPN is fortunate to have you as our chair. You are a fabulous spokesperson.

Laura Brill said...

Hey Amber

Thanks for the props, but of course, I turned over the chair hat to Rachel! However, we are largely interchangeable- sometimes Rick still calls me Rachel when I am sitting with my back towards him. Darn ponytails all look the same.(Rachel used to work with me... but has flown the coop to Cleveland)

I will always try to be an advocate for the group!